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SELL YOUR STANDING TREES ON ACREAGE! TIMBER WANTED Logging Real Estate land- before you sell property, makes extra revenue! Own land- for sale in Western Washington Call for timber appraisal today! 💲 TIMBER ESTIMATE: 1-800-LOG-ALOT(1-800-564-2568). LOGGING SERVICES: Opens up forest canopies and lets sunlight in! Selective tree cutting improves growth rate and health of " leave timber... we ...
Howdy am looking to help heat my good friend and his familys home and to do that he needs to dry wood. So he's looking to make a dryer tent. Moneys tight so i told him id ask here. Thanks for any help or suggestions
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I just got a new classroom in a high needs school with little to no materials. Please help me fill my room with math and literacy materials for kindergarten!
minutes agoShoreline, WA+16 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Looking for a used soccer ball to use with my high energy puppy!
I'm looking for a friut stand basket or bin basket to put your fruit if anyone had one they don't need I'll take it off your hands
Hi, I am looking for a Hangar 9 KI-43 Oscar 60cc kit or nicely built in perfect condition. Please let me know what you have for sale. thank you. ''Behzad
Looking for a bean bag chair to use in my living room
I enjoyed growing food plants this year. But I only have a couple different varieties of a couple different types of food plants. This is not good for landrace gardening, where you want as many varieties growing together as possible, to create genetically stronger plants that are more adapted to your environment. So I'm hoping people have spare seed so that next year I can breed better food-pla...
Hi, I'm looking for 10 flannel receiving blankets for my baby's birth at home in November. I specifically need heavier weight cotton/flannel ones, as the light muslin blankets won't be warm enough. Baby towels would also work. Stains or not, I'll take them! Thanks.
It could be simple or have bells and whistles. Either is fine.
~~~SEEKING~~~ We'd love to repurpose your cast-offs for building our eco home! Let us know if you're getting rid of any: -vinyl gutters -low-flow toilets -faucets -garden water tanks/catchment -corrugated roofing -hardware (handles, knobs, etc) -solar lights/panels (even just little garden twinklies) -vinyl flooring -screen doors/windows -ceiling fans -louvre windows -gas range -propane fridge ...
Wanted scuba tanks, air tanks or oxygen tanks any size up to approximately 30 inches high.
Not urgent but in case anyone has extra tea candles that they don't want I would love to pick them up :)
I'm looking for a lightly used cat tree/tower and a drinking fountain for a cat. I just got a kitten and he visited a friend's house and he loved the cat tree and water fountain!!!
Perhaps you tried Damp Rid: Fragrance-Free - Hanging and didn't like it?
I actually still have the belt, and the metal tongue piece. Am just missing two parts: the plastic/metal cover that includes the bar the belt wraps around, and the sliding retainer for the extra belt length. But I'm happy to purchase the whole insertion belt, if that's what you have :)
Wanted: Sealed bourbon bottles or decanters. 1980s or older. Cash on pickup. Shaun 360-639-4302
I m quite and keep to myself.I don t party and keep my space clean and tidy.. Budget $700 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move October 8. LGBT+ friendly Has a dog Interested in teaming-up Contact Kelly
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