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Looking for 1st and 2nd generation Dodge Ram and any other diesel or gas trucks, any makes or models, cash paid on the spot. 360-434-3993
I am looking to purchase a 2011-2016 naturally aspirated (no turbos or hybrids) Panamera to join my 1992 911 Targa. Exterior color is not important, but no beige interiors. Ideally it would be a documented, well maintained car owned by a fellow enthusiast, under 100K miles. Would prefer one located on the west coast, but will consider traveling anywhere in the US for the right car being sold by...
I am looking for a GL with the enhanced off-road package. If you have one contact me, I am ready to buy and know the market. They are hard to find so I am flexible on condition and price. TIA!!
WANTED - All types of classic and muscle cars. Will consider any types and condition. Cash buyer. Call John 360-434-3993.
Ready to act quickly for the right car, will want to PPI. Checking my DMs! Basics Year: 2009-2012 Model: Cayman preferred, Boxster Trim: S preferred, willing to go base for right example Mileage: Location: PNW, willing to ship Budget: ~ $30-40k+ (flexible) Configuration/Options Transmission: PDK is a must Exterior color: Gray, black, blue preferred Interior color : Black, willing to go gray/bei...
With less than 100k miles, located in PNW but can travel for the right deal. Open for all trips expect Sport. Backup camera a must. Looking to stay close or under 20k. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I have been looking for a Beetle since I took my first ride in one at the age of three in my Uncle's red '71. I have loved them ever since. In 2007, I acquired a 74. But it needed a full restoration and I haven't the time. I sold it to someone who could use it. Now, I am looking for a driver. I don't mind upkeep and a little work, but I don't want anything resembling a project or labeled as suc...
1964 chevelle coupe clear rear quarter glass and vent windows I am looking for good clear rear quarter glass and vent windows for 1964 chevelle coupe. Mine have been etched with designs and need to have clean clear glass. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Issaquah State: WA Displayed Email: Phone: 425 3916809
I'm looking for a Datsun 240z between the uears of 1969 up to 1972. I don't care in wich condition it is. If it's running or not or if it has a title or no title. Please contact me if you are interested on selling your Datsum. I'll pick up!
I'm looking for a 2000-2003 Suziki Vitara or Chevrolet Tracker, JLX, 2 door, 4WD, 5 speed, low miles, no collisions, no rust. Know anyone with a tow car that has low miles? I'd be interested. E-mail me with some pics and info.
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